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Designed for small and medium businesses PBXact Cloud delivers cost savings and ease of use through the use of VoIP and cloud based technology to allow you to take control of your telephone with a flat monthly fee for easy budgeting.

About PBXact Cloud

PBXact Cloud can be used by anyone to provide telephone service for their business. With easy setup, no telephony expertise is needed and as each extension comes with unlimited minutes the bill will be easy to understand and budget.

Why PBXact

PBXact gives businesses the power to take control of their telephony infrastructure.
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If your business requires new numbers PBXact Cloud allows them to be managed and routed easily.
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Why Cloud

Using a cloud or hosted PBX saves money and is easier than you might think, and allows full control of all aspects of telephony.
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Easy Setup

Whatever your business type or role within it, with PBXact Cloud quick configuration setup be up and running in minutes.
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Create your PBX quickly and easily in minutes through the power of FreePBX and the cloud. With one monthly payment remove the hassle of maintaining onsite hardware and eliminate all the hidden fees.

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Full Extension

0 $24.95 per month

Lite Extension

0 $8.95 per month

Inbound numbers

$1.00 per month / $1.50 per month, 2.4 cents/min

High Volume Faxing

0 $24.99 per month

150 pages/month

0 $9.95 per month

Fax Devices

0 $190.00 one time

S500 Phone

one time

PBXact Cloud 3rd Party Phone Support (Monthly Billing)

per month

PBXact Cloud Call Center (Monthly Billing)

per month

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